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Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase the ratio of "visit to install" on your app landing page. Optimize your app's visual assets and allow our in-house team to design ASO friendly screenshots, color-tested logos, and feature graphics that drive the highest conversions. 

We will improve your app page’s efficiency, we will understand users’ behavior, that is, the journey they do from the moment they enter App Store or Google Play until the moment they install an app. By knowing their interaction patterns with our content will help us optimize the app store listing and, therefore, increase conversion rates.

Get visually appealing 

App Icon


Feature Graphic Video

Get Screenshots, Show the beauty of the app


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Our Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

We will optimize the assets the user will see when they first enter the listing. This covers all ASO On-Metadata factors, such as:

1. Icon and Title / App Name

They are the first factor that is taken into account while browsing the app store, so they need to stand out, as we want users to visit our product page and interact with it.


2. Average Rating

It will form a first opinion of the user, so we will keep it high. A good average rating (and a good amount of user ratings) will also help to improve visibility.


3. User Reviews

It’s one of the most popular factors when it comes to deciding. Other users’ experience is almost definitive to decide whether to install an app or not.


4. Visual assets

We will create the most suitable visual assets like screenshots and feature graphic videos that will accurately depict all that the app can do.

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