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Geo targeted app installs


CPI is lowered with paid ads and is typically used alongside with ASO to deliver the quickest results. We work with different advertising networks to minimize your advertising cost and get maximum results. Furthermore, with our geo-targeted app installs service, you can target various countries and real users at fair affordable rates. Our advertising networks can deliver thousands of unique installs per day if required, pushing your app towards the top rankings.

Improve rank for targeted keywords

Get installs from any coutries of your choice

Only real users,


Our Guarantee 

Starting at just $0.059 $0.039

per Install

Why do we need App Installs?

  • First impression matters. Android app or game with a high number of installs will attract many users to install it too.

  • Paid app installs help new apps or games to rank on the top new charts.

  • Reach worldwide users on Google Play and App Store.

Is the source of install safe and legit?

  • We guarantee that no bots and legit traffic only. That means we deliver real Android app installs with real and active people. Tracking is available through Google Analytics.

  • We do not engage with service providers who directly incentivize their users (aka fake Android app installs). For example, providers are only allowed to advertise to users to view your Android app. If the users wish to, they may optionally install your Android app without receiving additional rewards. The ads must also be opt-in only. The reason behind this is so you get real Android app installs instead of fake installs.

  • Real users are not only safer, but there is also a higher chance they may be genuinely interested in your Android app. However, we do not promise that all or majority of them will be interested in your Android app.

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