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App Reputation and Rating Growth


App ratings and reviews can make an immense difference in users' decision to install the app. The majority of the user will see the app rating before even opening the app description page, they will only open if the rating is good enough. A bad rating can hurt your app's reputation and users will not trust the app and they will not install the app. A good rating can attract the majority of users and can boost the benefits of ASO by improving the conversion rates. A good amount of keyword targeted reviews can also help to improve keyword ranking. 

Only real users,


Our Guarantee 

Improve app rating with Quality Reviews

Get Screenshot proof for all Reviews

Starting at just $0.35 $0.25

per Review

Why do we need App Reviews?

  • Android app or game with a high number of reviews with more than a 4-star rating will attract many users to install it.

  • Good quality keyword targeted reviews can help to boost keyword ranking too.​

  • It can also improve conversion rates and boost organic installs.

What about the source of Reviews?

  • We guarantee that no bots and legit users only. Users will install the app, use it for a while, and then post a good quality 5-star review, just like a normal user.

  • Once the user posts the review we will send you a screenshot of that review from his google account as proof. We will only charge for the reviews that are really posted by us.

  • In case if some reviews get deleted within 3 days(sometimes it happens) we will post the same number of reviews again for you.

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